Laminated safety glass

EVASAFE foil glass laminating


  • Glass laminated by EVASAFE foil is used in architecture and design of interiors and exteriors of buildings, e.g. safety glass of rails, floors, stairs, balconies, windows, facades, all-glass walls and other building applications made of glass
  • In combination with a wide range of colors of inserted PET foils, but also foils with in-printed photographs and graphics of a high resolution and with a superior color fidelity, they are especially suitable for design of furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, separating walls and doors

EVASAFE foil strong points

  • EVASAFE foil creates, during lamination process, 3D mashing structure (so called cross-link on molecular level), this process improves technological and safety features and it is irreversible, so it completely avoids repetitive de-lamination, e.g. when applying increased temperature or aggressive climate conditions
  • EVASAFE thus has a very long life time, it is very firm, wetness resistant, and it can be used in a wide range of temperatures (+/-) and it has excellent optical features
  • Thanks to high adhesion EVASAFE foil is very compatible with various inserted materials as polymers, wood, stones, stainless steel, paper, fabrics…
  • A possibility to create a lot of colors, picture and photo effects using a wide color range of inserted colored or printed PET foils, which thanks to a high UV resistance of the EVASAFE foils do not lose their color
  • The foil has been tested in accordance with American, Japanese, and European Standards (EN 12543, 12600, 356 etc.)

What is the EVASAFE foil?

  • Duromer foil for glass lamination made of EVA material (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), after vulcanization it creates a irreversible fiber-like 3D structure and it does not contain plasticizers
  • A foil of a superior quality for glass and laminate/polymer industries, then for production of photovoltaic panels, intelligent glazes, e.g. LCD, LED and plasma panels
  • It is a patented product of the Bridgestone Corporation, the biggest manufacturer of accessory rubber products in the world

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EVASAFE foil glass laminating
EVASAFE foil glass laminating

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